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4 months ago
Total scam. I ordered a skirt in May 2020....it is February 2021. No Merchandise and all efforts to contact have failed. The funds were taken from my account. Can they be held accountable ?
a year ago
Don’t order from them; it’s a scam. I ordered an item in mid-May, immediately got a confirmation email, and no further communication. After a month, I contacted them on their site and via Facebook; no response. Turns out moooh is a Chinese site posing as a European one. Luckily I paid via PayPal, so I was able to get all my money back.
a year ago
Scam Victim
Ordered item, received a confirmation email that was probably generated without any human intervention, ie, by the web site. Never heard from them again after one month. I wish I would have checked the reviews first. I don’t think anyone is actually working there, they’re just taking peoples’ money at this point. Instagram account hasn’t been active for 3 years, FB messages go unread. Crooks. Stay away.
a year ago
Total scam. I, too, placed an order and months later have yet to receive my item nor any response from them. Attempting to get chargeback from the credit card company bc Moooh will never respond to refund anything.
a year ago
Irate Shopper
They sent me a confirmation email and some form email from the owner. But one month later and still no information about shipment. This company is a scam. If you ordered from them and in the same predicament, file a chargeback with your card as you will not get a refund issued by them.

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